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We are different from tradition beef in several ways:

  • Gelbvieh breeding versus Angus
  • Grass-Grown versus Feedlot Fed
  • Dry–Aged versus Wet Aged
  • Hand cut steaks versus machine cut
  • Our ground beef comes from 1 animal not thousands blended
  • Local known source




We call this 4-G Beef.



Guaranteed to love it! If you are not completely satisfied return the BFF official label to our farm and we will fully refund your purchase.


Animals raised on pasture in pasture for the duration of their lifetime.  No hormone injections, no antibiotics, no fattened up grain-fed beef.  Cattle are raised the way nature intended. You can taste the difference.  And research supports that it is a more healthy choice.


Gelbvieh is a breed of cattle that originated in Germany.  They are known for being great mothers and growing healthy calves.  We are proud of the momma cows in our herd and feel they should get some credit too!  After you try Gelbvieh, you will be convinced this is the best breed for producing grass-grown beef.



If you want to purchase in bulk we have a few ways:  See our package page for details.

Prices at the Market – February 2015

Ground Beef – $8.00/lb

¼ lb Hamburger Patties – $9.25/lb

Stew Beef -$8.00/lb

Cubed Steak -$8.50/lb

Brisket – $8.50/lb

London Broil – $8.50/lb

Arm Roast -$8.50/lb

Chuck Roast – $8.50/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast – $8.50/lb

Tri-Tip Roast – $9.25/lb

Eye-of Round Roast – $8.75/lb

Standing Rib Roast – $17.50/lb

Chorizo Sausage – $10.50/lb

Summer Sausage – $10.30/lb

Filet Mignon – $27.00/lb

Ribeye – $18.50/lb

NY Strip – $17.50/lb

Sirloin – $14.00/lb


Coulet Steak – $15.00/lb

Flat Iron $14.50/lb

Flap Steak  $9.50/lb

Flank – $15.00/lb

Hanging Tender – $12.50/lb

Skirt – $12.50/lb



Email luke@BFFbeef.com to place an order today!

Our beef is processed at a small family owned and operated butchery about 25 miles from our farm: Wells –Jenkins-Wells Meat Market.  The folks there take care in handling our animals and harvest them with minimal stress to our animals.  They specialize in artesian meats and still cut meat by hand. At Wells-Jenkins-Wells, they

work on one animal at a time and custom cut each steak.  Only one animal goes into our hamburger packages.  They also allow our beef to dry-age for 14 days in the cooler which gives our beef a wonderful texture and tenderness.  This differs from the industry standard of packaging meat immediately with preservatives and agents to tenderize.  It takes time to grow and package a high quality steak – and we believe it is worth the wait!


What is the difference between Angus and Gelbvieh?


  • Commercial  Beef
  • Labeled as “Business Breed”
  • Fattens up quickly
  • Black in color only


  • Specialty Beef
  • Labeled as “Mother Breed”
  • Lean beef
  • Can be yellow, red, brown, or black

Psalm 34:8 – “Taste and See that the Lord is good!”


5200 Seven Pines Road
Lawndale, NC 28090

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Phone: 704-538-1419
Email: luke@bffbeef.com